Friday, October 15, 2010

Disney Moms Panel Round 2 Has Begun

I was one of the people who applied for the Disney Mom's Panel this year.  I am always excited to apply for this group, though I do know that the chances of being chosen are pretty slim.  Long before the panel, I considered myself, as did my family, a Disney mom, so I was quite excited when they began the panel a few years ago.  I had the user name of disneymom2joey in 2004, then in 2006, when Hayley was born, my user name was updated to disneymom2jh and then in 2007, when Emily was born, it was updated to disneymom2jhe.  I didn't make it to the second round this year, but I certainly am happy for those who did and wish them the best of luck through the next round.  I am disappointed, but it isn't going to change what I do everyday to help my friends and family plan their Disney vacations.  I still consider myself a Disney mom and look forward to trying again next year!

Good luck to those of you who have made it to Round 2!

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