Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Six Months and Counting

September 1st will be 180 days out for our February 28th departure for Walt Disney World. Normally, I would have already contacted my travel agent, Melissa from Magical Journeys, and made a room only reservation, but I am waiting to see what deals will be coming up.

I always start with a room only reservation, because I have found on many trips that it costs less than booking a package. This year may be a little different with all the Disney offers that seem to be out there. Don't get me wrong, the packages are great, but on our last trip, the only "freebie" we used from the package was the luggage tags. We didn't explore any of the other offerings because we just didn't have the time. So to pay for things we don't need just doesn't make sense to me. So I have already created my Excel spreadsheet with package prices directly from Disney, room only quotes and also ticket prices from various ticket vendors. My favorite ticket vendor, who always seem to have the best prices, is Undercover Tourist. But the key to getting the best price from them is signing up for the Mousesavers newsletter and using their private link to Undercover Tourist. Of course, all this won't matter if Disney offers up some great package rates. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

We had already said we would definitely stay at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort because our kids love the pool, but now that we are considering going at a cooler (temperature-wise) time of year, we are trying to decide if maybe we will revisit Port Orleans Riverside, another moderate hotel which we absolutely love. They have a great pool at Port Orleans French Quarter, which we would be allowed to use as a guest at Riverside. We love both resorts, so we know whichever we choose, we'll have a great time.

Another note of interest, according to Southwest Airlines, our airline of choice, on September 1st, we will be able to book flights through March 12th.

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