Friday, March 27, 2009

Disney Excitement Continues at Home

Much like her big brother, Joey, Emily loves all her
Toy Story friends and can't rest without them!
Ok, so I haven't added any new posts in a while, but I have no planning to start just yet, since we decided our next trip won't be until April 2010. I have been checking the Touring Plans site to see if they have updated their crowd calendar for April 2010, but they have only posted through March. Once I see the crowd calender for April, we will pick the week we plan to go and make our reservation.

In the meantime, here are a few magical moments that have happened here at home that convince me that we are definitely a Disney Family:

1. Most exciting on the list is Emily. The other morning the kids were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Playhouse Disney. The kids love the show, and, honestly, so do I! As Mickey strolled onto the screen, Emily yelled out "KEY!" Now, she is only 15 months and starting to say many new words, but a Disney word is VERY exciting. My nephew calls Mickey "Mick," so I guess we need to get these two together!