Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What Time of Year is Best to Visit Walt Disney World?

The big debate is on for our next trip to Walt Disney World. Should we go during our favorite month, which is April, or take advantage of Disney's latest promotion "What Will You Celebrate?" and go during December to celebrate our son's fifth birthday?

It would be very exciting to go to Walt Disney World in December. The holiday decorations will be all around the parks and resorts, and there are special events that happen at only that time of year, something we have never seen before. It would be a great chance for our kids to see Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, but we think they may be too young to stay up late enough to actually enjoy it (our son is a good sleeper and asks to go to bed when it is past his bedtime, which is 7:30!). For the additional money it would cost to go to the party, I am not sure it would be worth it if all three of them are sleeping! Plus, the weather in December can be very iffy. If I am going to be escaping the winter weather of NH, I want to go somewhere that I know I can wear t-shirts and shorts! Besides, I hate to say this, but I think the pool was my kids' most favorite thing on our last trip to Disney, so if I have to be in the pool with them, I prefer the warmer weather of April over December (though the pools are heated during the cooler months).

April is just one of my most favorite times to visit. The weather is amazing! Of the few trips we have taken in April, it has never rained and has been warm without the humidity. This makes it a great opportunity for the kids to enjoy the themed pools that Disney has to offer at their resorts (of course, you can only use the one at your resort, unless you are staying at one of the Port Orleans resorts then you can use the pool at Riverside or at French Quarter).

One of the most amazing things about going in April is EPCOT's Flower and Garden Festival. Throughout EPCOT, there are displays of topiaries, blooms, and butterflies that are just fascinating. Plus, you can attend seminars about gardening to improve your skills while on vacation! They also have what they call Flower Power concerts throughout the months of the festival featuring different musical artists. We like to stop at the Margarita Stand at the Mexico Pavilion to start our tour with a delicious Margarita. Personally, I recommend the mango one! For those of you who can't drink, they also offer non-alcoholic frozen drinks, which I enjoyed when I was pregnant for our daughter during our 2006 trip.

Another benefit for us going in April is that our children will be a little older. Joey will be almost 5 and a half, Hayley will be almost 4 and Emily will be about 2 and a half. Though I think Walt Disney is a great place for children of any age (and we've traveled with them as young as 10 months), this time around waiting those four extra months may make a world of difference in how they react to seeing my favorite place in the world. Plus an added benefit for my husband and I would be that by then all three kids will be potty trained!

Well, I think I may have just convinced myself that April is the best time to go - I can taste the mango margarita already!


Tim said...

I will await future postings as we are big Disney fans also. I think anytime is a good time to go to Disney with the exception of the summer months.

DisneyMom said...

I agree. Though there are some people who can only go during the summers because of work and school schedules. For them, I say it is better to go in the summer than not at all! We are lucky that we have the opportunity to go whenever we want, well, at least until the kids are in school.