Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's Decided - April 2010

We have made a final decision on our next Disney trip. We will be going in April 2010. After weighing all the pros and cons, we couldn't resist the weather of April. It will cost us a little more than going in December because it will be "regular" season versus "value" season, but the price difference is minimal and the added benefits of going during that time outweigh the extra cost. Though we haven't chosen specific dates yet, we will make sure we avoid the high crowds and cost of going during Easter week. Next year, Easter falls on April 3rd, which means the week leading up to it and the week following will be quite busy. In addition, not only will the hotel have holiday rates, so will some of the restaurants in the parks and resorts. Because our children are not in school and we are flexible with our travel dates, we will keep an eye out for the crowd calendar on the Touring Plans website to see which week in April is best for us.

Now that it is official that we are going, I need to get my hands on the latest of my two favorite guidebooks. Both books are released each year with updates and usually I purchase them whether I am traveling to Disney or not. The first book is by Steven Birnbaum called The Official Guide to Walt Disney World. This book is a nice overview of everything at Walt Disney World. There aren't any negative reviews and when you finish reading it, you will think that Walt Disney World is actually perfect! This book is a favorite of my little ones because of the numerous pictures of rides, characters and hotels. There are also maps of the parks and one of all of the Walt Disney World Resort. The other guidebook I love is by Bob Sehlinger and Len Testa called The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. This book is 100% honest and includes reader reviews. I love this book because it includes details I never would think to investigate myself - time driving by car versus Disney transportation to and from parks, pillow quality at each hotel, etc. The amount of info I gained from this book helped us really maximize our time in the parks too, which is key with the ages of the children we brought with us. Of course, there are plenty of guidebooks out there and I would definitely suggest checking them out of your local library before making a decision on which is right for you.

I am always looking for new Disney info and after doing plenty of searches on the Internet I have found a couple of favorites. I visit the All Ears site almost daily. I love that they have photos of everything, yes, everything! Plus, my favorite part of the site is the dining section. They have menus, reviews, and even recipes from each of the restaurants on property. I also love that I can see photos of every hotel - interior and exterior. It is nice to look at hotels we have already stayed at to reminisce about previous trips, but it is even better to use the photos to explore our options when trying to decide what hotel to stay at on our next trip.

I am so excited to get planning our trip! I know it is very early to start planning, but I can't wait!

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DisneyMom said...

This picture was taken in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom - Emily was our fearless leader taking charge of the park map.