Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Enter for Your Chance to Win a Copy of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2015

I have written many posts about my love of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, including a full review of the 2015 edition.  I consider this a tremendous resource for everyone planning a their next Disney vacation.  With that said, I have been given the opportunity to give a copy of this planning tool to one of my readers.  From dining and resort profiles to attraction rankings and touring plans, there is everything you need to know to create a magical vacation for you.

Follow the Rafflecopter directions carefully below to enter for your chance to win your very own copy!  Good luck!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2015 ~ A Review of My Favorite Guidebook

I love this year's cover photo!
Through the year, there are many dates we look forward to - birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and for me, the release of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.  This guidebook is by far my favorite reference to have by my side when I am planning our family vacations, which if you have been following my blog for a while, you've read about my love of this book before!  I discovered this gem back in 2008 and have purchased it (and read it cover to cover) every year since.  Upon first glance, this book could seem like an overwhelming amount of information, but once you read it, or pick through the parts that particularly interest you, you will see what a valuable resource this truly is.

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World is a yearly publication, with Bob Sehlinger (author) and Len Testa (Coauthor) leading a team of writers, statisticians, data collectors, hotel inspectors and more.  With so many working together to create this amazing resource, they are able to give you not just the where and what of a Disney vacation but also a how and why.  The in-depth review of restaurants, attractions and resorts gives you plenty of information to create a vacation that works for your family.

I am a planner AND a numbers person, so I love The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.  Everything is ranked with numbers or percentages based on historical data, as well as the results of the reader surveys.  For example, not sure if a restaurant is right for you?  No worries, this book includes a profile of every quick service and table service dining spot.  With that profile is included a ranking for quality, value, portion size and reader survey responses, as well as signature items, the atmosphere, recommendations and more.  It makes it quite easy to take a peek at one of the profiles and see if they offer something that would be a good fit for your family.

Monday, July 28, 2014

In Flight Fun for the Kids ~ Disney Themed Word Search Books

In Flight Fun for the Kids is a series of posts focused on sharing great items to pack in your child's carry on bag when flying to Disney or any other vacation destination.  Today, I am sharing yet another great find from The Dollar Tree, as well as an update to a previous post in this series.

The Dollar Tree tends to be my number one source for some of our carry on items.  On our last trip to The Dollar Tree, we found a wide selection of Disney themed word search books.  Not only did they feature some of our favorite characters, but they were smaller than regular sized coloring books or notebooks.  They would easily fit into the kids' backpacks in the front pockets without weighing them down.

Unlike the Disney-themed Play Packs, featured earlier in this series, which include their own set of crayons, you would need to also pack your own crayons or writing utensils.  The good thing is, there is no shortage of Disney themed crayons at The Dollar Tree either!  From Disney Princesses to Cars to Disney Junior characters to Monsters University, you can find crayons to suit the likes of your child.  Though, after testing out all the ones you see in the photo, I do not recommend the confetti crayons.  They crumble as you use them because the colors were not melded well together (or at least that's my non-expert opinion on why they crumble).

Back to School with Olaf, Anna, Elsa and Friends for the Frozen Blog Hop

I am very excited to be participating in the Frozen Blog Hop! You will find many posts by many bloggers talking about Frozen crafts, parties, clothes and much, much more!  Make sure you check out all the great articles in the links below!

Growing up, I always loved going back to school shopping.  I wasn't necessarily excited about all the clothes buying, but I looked forward to picking out that perfect Trapper Keeper (does this give my age away?  Do they even still sell these?), cute and colorful folders, new pencils, fun lunchbox and of course, a new backpack! Now as a mom, I still LOVE shopping for these things for my own children.  And today, compared to when I was younger, there are so many options to choose from!

My children all love Disney's Frozen (I have yet to meet someone who doesn't!) and we have been in search of bringing as many "warm hugs" and Frozen fun to our back to school shopping excursions as we can.  Unfortunately, where we live EVERYTHING is sold out.  That's right, every store in my area is clean out of anything remotely related to Anna, Elsa, Olaf and friends.  Even travelling almost an hour away to go to the larger stores, we came home with just three things ... a Frozen backpack and two lunchboxes.  Add to it, it was the LAST of the backpacks and we purchased the last two Frozen lunchboxes.  Luckily, Hayley was fine with Emily having the backpack and they each have a lunchbox.  So needless to say most of what I am sharing today, I have found online and check back weekly at our local stores in hope that something, anything Frozen shows up!